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We can offer you wiederange of interior wood door models of different sizes and designs. You will find among them models, which will surprise you with interesting design and high standard of workmanship. All our models are functional and very durable, moreover - affordable. In addition to standard doors, we also offer exclusive and original custom made doors.
In reaction to frequent requests from our customers we’ve decided to carry consultation services on wooden interior doors .

1. When to plan the location, type, dimensions, and how to open the door?
2. When to order the door?
3. Types of doors - use
4. Standard dimensions of interior doors
5. When do we choose doors with glass and when full panelled or flat doors ?
6. Types of glass for glass paneled doors.
7. What ifluences doors look ?
8. How to buy doors? 


1. When to plan the location, type, dimensions, and how to open the door?

The planning should start at the stage of designing the internal walls to avoid the costs of later remodelling. It is very important to design doors correctly, so as not to block communication in narrow corridors, or interfere with doors to adjacent rooms. At this stage you should also remember that the door should compose well with the future design of the room.

2. When to order the door?

Ideally, when you are at a stage of walls and floors, as only then you can carry on precise measurements. 

3. Types of doors - use


  • hung doors
  • sliding doors
  • folded doors
  • swinging doors

Hung doors are the doors with a wing opening after you press the handle. The most common kind of doors, also the most versatile and easy to install.
Sliding doors - wings move alonga slide on the wall or in a special tray underneath the wall. Applies to single-sliding door (narrow hallways, small rooms) and the double doors (prestigious entrances).
Folded doors, also called “broken” doors – with wing folding in the middle and sliding into the frame. This kind of doors doesn’t use the space of the wall, but are not recommended in narrow passages, because of wings protruding after being folded. Used in closets, alcoves, etc.
Swinging doors - very convenient, because open under the pressure of the body and closes automatically. You can easily go through it with your hands busy, so very often they are used in the transition from the kitchen to the dining room. 

4. Standard dimensions for interior doors

single leaf


  • width 80; 90; 100 cm
  • height 205 mm

double leaf


  • width 120; 140; 160 cm
  • height 205 mm.


5. When do we choose doors with glass and when full panelled or flat doors?

Full panelled or flat doors because of the better sound absorbtion are mostly used in rooms which should be isolated from the noize - for example woorking office room, or teenager's room who listen to loud music.
Doors with glass panels are give better senso of oenness and enlarge the interior of the room. They also hel to enlighten the room in laces where ususally there would be no light like corridor or anteroom. Small glass windows also have informative role for examle if someone is in the bathroom.

6. Types of glass for glass paneled doors


  • full mat,
  • mat with transparent aplication or transparent with mat aplication,
  • colored in mass or varnieshed,
  • stained glass,
  • ornament with extruded surface in different colors and patterns.

7. What ifluences doors look?


Wooden elements are painted with transparent varnishes or dyed. Transarent varnished that change color but preserve wood structure and jars are also commonly used and ofcourse regular paints which hide wooden structure. Wooden elements can also be lined with veneer as well as HDF, semi-dense MDFand fiberboard. These boards have bigger density then raw wood which makes them more resistant to scraching, hulling, cracking. Advantage of MDF boards is in easier mechanical working. There are 2 types of MDF boards: with flat smooth surface and wood pattern imitating surface.
Finishinggs for MDF boards:
painted, natural veneer or fornire
Natural veneer and fornire and pieces of quality wood which could be painted with transparent varnishes or other other varnish to prevent surface from sratching and for better care. UV hardened varnish is also used which has very good anti-sractch anit-chemical and anti-light protection.
Artificial veneer fso called CPL laminated (often imitated flooer panels or kitchen table tops, ) or HL laminate (resistant to extreme weights).
Artificial veneers are very good with imitating the wood structure and it's colors.
frGrooving - it is done on the board before veneer lining or after veneer lining (then the grooves are painted with paint in contrast color from the one on the veneer). Instead of groving oftenly colored strips are used instead.


8. How to buy doors ?


Current Polish law regulations enable customers to buy door with installation at 8% VAT and not 23% VAT. In addition Drew-Poland ttransorts the doors and gives 12 month warranty.



Door Construction


Paneled or frame door wing is a contruction based on the frame mostly from glued wood, PVC profile or aluminum. Wood , glass and wood imitasting panels are place in the grooves or cuts of the frame. Door frames can ve very original in the design specialy carved or engraved to ensure stylish and unique look.
Boarded door wing - here the wooden frame is from boath sided plated with HDF, MDF or plywood boards. It could also be single board from glued wood. Because of simple construction boarded doors are the most economical solution.
Paneled/boarded door wing has invisible wooden construction like the boarded door, but thanks to extrusions on fibreboard very often it imitates construction like on boarded wing. Similarly like in the boarded door ving construction the stabilising filling can be made of carton so called "honeycomb" or chipboard with holes or without holes. Honecob filled door wings are much lighter, and those with the chipboard filling more rigid and sound absorbing.


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